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  • Shaun Ward

Well this year has been a bit different for school photos!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Ignore the dramatic title.

I thought it might be an idea to write a bit about how we have been working with schools with the current safeguards regarding Covid.

First of all I have to say I have been amazed how well all the schools I have been into are doing in keeping the children safe whilst maintaining an as normal environment for the children not just to learn but to enjoy being back at school. Staff and teachers are doing a fantastic job.

So to the photos -

Normally what would happen is the individual and siblings photos would be taken at the same time. This year the children had to be kept in their classroom bubbles we had to figure out the best way to maintain those bubbles but also allow for siblings photos to be taken.

This is where the flexibility of being a small company allowed us to be able to think on our feet.

We had already planned to use our outdoor photo set up which as well as creating great natural images allowed us to work outside creating lots of room for the children to socially distance if necessary.

In addition we decided to take all the pressure off the school in regards to siblings photos and set up an online booking system for parents so they could bring the siblings after school to have their images taken.

As well as making it as easy as possible for the school (each class only had to allow 15 mins out of the school day for photos) it also provided the parents the opportunity to not only have the siblings who attended the school to have their photo taken but also include other older or younger children the chance to also be included.

All in all the system worked well for the school and allowed for school photos to continue in what is an unusual time.

Thanks to all parents who have adapted to this new way of working and hopefully this will provide a little bit of an insight to those wondering why it needed to be this way.

For any school thinking about how they might go ahead with their photo day, get in touch.


Shaun Ward Photography



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