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Family Portrait Day at The Ice Factory

6th December 2020

12.30pm - 4.30pm

Come along for a special Perth Autism family portrait session

25 minutes. Plenty of time to get lots of nice family images.

Choice of backgrounds as well as the chance to have some outside.

Includes a £20 print or download credit

(See prices here)

Online gallery to share and purchase more images if you wish

Price - £40

PAS will receive £10 from every booking to help with their services.

Girls in White Dresses
Some answers to your possible questions

Where will the session take place? 

The portraits will take place at The Ice Factory on Shore Road.

When you arrive enter through the small door into the courtyard. Then head up to the blue doors at the back.

Once inside the studio is at the back of the dancefloor area.

I will make sure you find us :)

How long will I be there?

The photo session lasts 20-25 mins

What will happen when I am there?

Once we meet you will get a chance to get comfortable and then start by taking a few pictures of you and your family. I will make sure you know what to do to make it as easy as possible

Who else will be there?

Anna for PAS and myself Shaun

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You don't need to bring anything but if you want to bring a favourite toy or book feel free

Who will see the photos?

Once the photos are taken they are uploaded into a password protected gallery that only your family have access to. 

Is it ok to take a break?

If you feel you need a break just let me know.

Will there be somewhere I can take a break if I need?

There is plenty of space for you to have a break

Any other questions? Let me know.

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